Your choice to spend your holidays at Corfu offers great possibilities!

The island is internationally famous for its beautiful natural environment, its historical background as well as the numerous beaches that are spread through its coastline and can match any taste of the visitor. The night life of the island offers also a great variety  of  choices. It might be easy, relaxed and romantic either full of energy!




North Corfu and especially Acharavi is a very good choice.  The long beach of Acharavi is ideal for young children providing a safe environment, while the everyday life at the village is easygoing since visitors are mostly families and couples. All kinds of entertaining and facilities are offered in the area although it can also  make  a  good base for your excursions.

An  interesting aspect of Acharavi’s region is the strong presence of the natural environment of Pantokratoras mountain, the biggest mountain of Corfu, in a few kilometers distance from the seaside! Traditional villages, beaches or sightseeing’s are easily accessed, since Acharavi lies in the central spot of the northern part of the island.